Cord Points

Learn how to earn points to be eligible for a cord at the end of your senior year

Freshman: 1200 points in 4 years

Sophomores: 900 points in 3 years

Juniors: 600 points in 2 years

Seniors: 300 points in 1 year





+ 30 points for attending a tournament

+ 4 points for every practice you attend

+ 7 points for volunteering at MSD

+ 50 points for each semester of MSD Leadership

+ 8 points for every round you attend past prelims

+ more points for other events hosted during practices

+25 points per day for volunteering at the summer camp

+ 150 points for Captains

+ 10 points for the final round

- 40 points for a missing judge

- 20 points for missing scheduled MSD practice if you don't inform the VP 48 hours in advance

- 20 points for every strike (strike system is privately shared)

- 5 points for not checking out with the coach in charge

Claim Points

This section is only for Juniors and above. If you want to claim points for previously attended tournaments or leadership positions please fill out the form below. If you decide to claim points from a previous year then your cord requirement changes. Ex: you are a senior and you want to claim points for your Junior year tournaments, then you would have to meet the 600 point requirement instead of 300 point requirement.

Claim Points

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